1. How much does it cost to join?back to top

Absolutely nothing! All you need to do is sign up for a free Groupon Partner Network (GPN) account. Additionally, you can discontinue your relationship with us at any time

2. Why Join?back to top

  • Earn commissions on thousands of products on Groupon.com
  • Work with the innovative Groupon brand and our Local, Getaways, Live and Goods categories
  • Receive weekly promotional newsletters with high - quality professional creative assets
  • Get access to thousands of top selling products through text/banner links and an API data-feed
  • You're in control. You know your customers much better than we ever could, so we let you decide how best to place banners, links and products on your site.
  • Unlimited sales potential. Place Groupon links in as many places as you want on your site. After all, better placement can mean more commissions
  • Work closely with the experienced Groupon Affiliate Marketing Team

3. How much can I make?back to top

You earn commission for every transaction you refer to us, plus any transaction that occurs within 3 days of your initial referral. So let's say you saw a Groupon that you thought your mom would like. If your mom clicks through your link and buys the Groupon, you earn commission! If your mom clicks through your link and decides not to buy the Groupon, but returns to Groupon up to 3 days later and buys something different, you will still earn commission on the sale. If your mom goes nutso and buys a Groupon every day, you earn commission on every purchase she makes within 3 days of your initial referral. We offer commission on Getaways transactions up to 7 days after your initial referral. Our base rate is split into two sections (Existing users Vs New users) and by the category (local, Getaways, Goods etc...) of the deal. For existing users, our commission goes up to 5% and for new users up to 10%. We also run sales contests and promotions, so there are plenty of opportunities to earn above and beyond our base rate!

4. When will I be paid?back to top

Your commission is tracked and paid out by the Groupon Partner Network. Once your commission amount in GPN exceeds $25 USD, you will receive payment (ACH direct deposit) from us.

5. How can I see what I earned?back to top

Easy! Log into your GPN account, you'll be able to find out how many clicks you sent, how many transactions you drove, and how much you've earned.

6. How do I get started?back to top

You will need to apply to become part of the Groupon Partner Network - click here to join!

7. Do I need to know how to code?back to top

You must have a basic understanding of HTML. As an affiliate, you will need to know how to copy and paste HTML code that we provide you and place it accurately within the code of a Web page or within an email.

8. How can I show Groupon deals on my site?back to top

There are lots of different ways you can feature Groupon on your site. Login to your account on GPN to access a wide variety of text links and banners. Additionally, you can create a custom deal widget, which enables you to display the Groupon deal most relevant to your audience. You can select color, size and more. Start personalizing your custom affiliate widget now! If you are a developer, you are also encouraged to check out our API Documentation

9. How do I create a custom link to a deal on Groupon?back to top

We have created an awesome tool for you that we call the Groupon Bookmarklet. Simply add the Bookmarklet tool to your browser of choice and click on it when you're on any Groupon deal page and it will create a direct link for you! All you need to do is log into your GPN account and grab it.

10. I am a developer using the API, how do I convert landing pages to trackable URLs?back to top

When using the GPN Deals API, the API does all of the work for you! You must include your tsToken in your call and the API will return links with tracking already added. Easy peasy!

11. How long does it take for purchases to show up in my account?back to top

Reporting in GPN typically runs on a three to five minute delay

12. Can I join if I live in Canada?back to top

Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept Canadian residents in our GPN program but hope this will be changing quickly! We would still like to work with you though, so join our program in CJ!