Link Guide


Affiliate: (Also referred to as a Publisher or Partner) An independent party, or Web site, that promotes Groupon deals in exchange for commission.

AffID: Affiliate ID. This is the unique ID assigned to the Affiliate in GPN to attribute referred sales.

MediaID: Media ID. Specific value assigned to a promotional link in GPN.

tsToken: Tracking Token. Used in URLs to identify the affiliate and campaign that a customer sale originated from. This uses a combination of the above AffID and MediaID.


The following values are assigned to AffID and MediaID for this US based affiliate:
AffID = 201236
MediaID = 200897

SID: Sub ID. GPN provides the capability for publishers to pass unique values in their affiliate link to identify where sale actions originate. Loyalty and Rewards publishers may use this parameter to pass a unique member ID in order to credit cash back rewards or points to its members.

WID: Website ID. This is an additional ID that can be used associate a sale with a particular Affiliate website.

Partner tracking will be added automatically when generating a feed through the GPN interface. If you generate GPN Partner API requests outside of the GPN interface, you will need to manually add the required parameters in order to successfully track referred sales.


  • Groupon Global Partner Network Account (required)
  • Familiarity with Groupon Deals API


1. Login to your GPN account via

2. Choose the appropriate items from the drop down menu for the API call you would like to generate. This can include:

  • Country
  • City
  • Channel
  • Sub ID
  • Website ID

3. Select "Generate Links" which will generate both an XML or JSON Feed using the Groupon API.

Optional Parameters (Advanced)

There are optional parameters that you can manually add to your feed or API request. Please reference the Deals API documentation for optional parameters


When the feed is successfully generated, the structure should look display as per the examples below. Note the following values in these examples

  • AffID = 201236
  • MediaID = 200897
  • tsToken = US_AFF_0_201236_200897_0
  • SID = SubAff123456