All you need to know about Payments

GPN Payments are processed via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, on or around the 20th of each month. Each payment corresponds to Ledger Entries for your account dated in the previous month (timezone UTC), as well as any previous un-invoiced ledger entries.

Ledger Entries dated in the previous month would include:

  • Orders (placed with Groupon via ads/links on your site) received in the prior month
  • Refunds recorded in the prior month. Please note that Refund Ledger Entries might correspond to orders from an earlier time, potentially an earlier month. Orders are open for refunds 45 days from the order date, and are locked after that
  • Bonuses posted in the prior month. Note that bonuses might correspond to activity from an earlier time, potentially an earlier month

Un-invoiced ledger entries: Payments are only issued if the payment amount is greater than the threshold for the currency. If the amount is less than the threshold amount, the corresponding ledger entries remain in the uninvoiced state, and are eligible for payment in the next month

NOTE for North American based Affiliates

For a successful payments transfer to take place we request that affiliates correctly state their banking details in GPN. These can be set upon registration to GPN or by clicking on "MY ACCOUNT" and selecting "ACCOUNT PROFILE" from the menu.

Details Required for Successful Payment

  • Account Name: The name that this bank account is held under. If this name is incorrect, your bank may refuse to accept a payment. Example contents; 'John Smith' or 'ABC corporation'.
  • Routing Number: The routing, or transit, code of the bank branch holding the account into which commission should be lodged. Acceptable formats are given here.
  • Account Number: The account number of the account into which commission should be lodged.
  • Tax Number: The EIN (Employer Identification Number, for Business accounts) or SSN (Social Security Number, for Personal Accounts).

    Acceptable Tax number formats

    • ##-####### (Federal Employer Identification Number)
    • ###-##-#### (Social Security Number / Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)

For the most up to date status of payment activity please login into GPN and navigate as follows:

  • Click "MY ACCOUNT"

You can also view all your ledger entries using the ledger API via the ledger API.

Please Note that the original (v1) Ledger API returned results in the timezone selected in the Affiliate profile. The current (v2) Ledger API, however, always reports results in UTC.

Promotional activities that will influence affiliate payments are as follows:

  • Revenue Share Commissions: Commissions earned on Groupon sales that can be attributed to a previous click from an affiliated website.
  • Bounty Commissions: Fixed flat rate commission earned on Groupon sales generated by new Groupon customers.
  • Bonuses: Bonus adjustments to an account as allocated by Groupon and posted any time up to the end of the prior month.
  • Refunds: Orders are open for refunds 45 days from the order date, and are locked thereafter.

List of currencies with corresponding threshold

Currency Threshold Value
US Dollar USD 25.00
British Pounds GBP 75.00
Canadian Dollars CAD 100.00
United Arab Emirates Dirham AED 250.00
Australian Dollar AED 250.00
Argentine Peso ARS 500.00
Brazilian Real BRL 200.00
Swiss Francs CHF 100.00
Colombian Peso COP 1,000.00
Danish Krone DKK 500.00
Euro EUR 100.00
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 500.00
Israeli Shequel ILS 350.0
Indian Rupee INR 1,000.00
Mexican Peso MXN 1,000.00
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 200.00
Norwegian Krone NOK 500.00
New Zealand Dollar NZD 100.00
Peruvian Nuevo Sol PEN 250.00
Philippine Peso PHP 500.00
Polish Zloty PLN 300.00
Romanian Leu RON 300.00
Swedish Krona SEK 500.00
Singapore Dollar SGD 100.00
Thai Baht THB 500.00
Turkish Lira TRY 100.00
South African Rand ZAR 1,000.00